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BUBI Carrier was developed by Mrs. Tran Thi Kim Thoa - founder of BUBI Carrrier since 2015

BUBI Carrier is leading brand in Vietnam market for fabric carrier for newborn in terms of high quality and most suitable fabric for tropical weather in Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries.

As a mother with 03 daughters, baby carrier is always the great helper in all activities from moving, caring to, or event dancing in her Baby-wearing Dance Club. During her journey of more than 10 years as a mother, she has used several dozen different types of carriers from famous brands in the world to prestigious brands in other countries but is still not satisfied with her needs. She began researching and developing more fabric carriers with the orientation to be soft and mellow like the mother's hand, especially suitable for babies and young children and especially suitable for Asian physique.


Starting with BUBI Wrap which is developed based on a combination of traditional European long-wrapped scarfs and hand-sewn fabric carriers of mothers in the highlands of Vietnam but improving in advanced sewing techniques, in breathable mesh fabric but soft, elastic, gentle for the sensitive skin of newborn babies and especially suitable for the weather of Vietnam.


After more than 5 years of development, from a simple BUBI wrap, she with her brand BUBI Carrier has upgraded to 03 completely new versions combining traditional wrap styles with new innovations with fasteners & modernized as the BUBI  Hybrid Gen 3 Carrier

Sau hơn 05 năm phát triển, từ một địu vải quấn đơn giản, chị với thương hiệu Địu vải BUBI của mình đã nâng cấp lên tới 03 phiên bản hoàn toàn mới kết hợp giữa kiểu wrap truyền thống với các cải tiến mới kèm khóa cài hiện đại với tên gọi là Địu vải trợ lực BUBI


BUBI aims to continually improve and upgrade its products to become the leading brand in most supportive power baby carrier

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